Private Sessions

Private sessions are a wonderful opportunity to have personalized attention. They give you a chance to ask lots of questions and get lots of answers. Private sessions also give you the experience of having a practice designed just for you, with your goals, strengths, weaknesses, and special considerations in mind. This is often especially helpful for people with injuries or other unique circumstances.

Private sessions can be useful every once in a while if questions are building up in your mind, if you want help developing an appropriate home practice or if you are wanting to build certain skills & abilities. As an ongoing commitment, private sessions are useful for those with difficult scheduling or for people wanting to build strength and skill before attending group classes.

Rates for private sessions are R600/hour.

Gift certificates are also available. Gift certificates are a great way to encourage your “I’ve always wanted to try yoga” friends a burst of encouragement and motivation. These certificates are good for any of my classes and can be for any amount you’d like.